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The Many Pieces
to the Puzzle…

There are many pieces to sound financial planning. Put together, these pieces can help you create the future you envision for your family and yourself: balancing your budget, growing your assets, mitigating taxes, reducing risks, and transferring your wealth. It’s a lot, and it can get overwhelming; that's why we are here, to take the complex and simplify.

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You’re One Phone Call Away From the Financial Future You Envision


We conduct a detailed interview with you to ensure we gather all the necessary data about you and fully understand your financial life and long-term goals.


We recommend alternative planning approaches to financial, tax, and estate planning challenges. We work to find options that get you on the right track.


Our mission is to provide you with thoughtful guidance best aligned with your goals, objectives, and preferences.

Life is Amazing. Get Out There and Live to the Fullest.

It’s important to implement a comprehensive strategy for savings, growth, and future distributions. Don’t forget to also consider insurance to buffer you from the unexpected events in your life when your family may need the additional financial security. Creating a personalized Financial Plan is key in bringing clarity to your financial freedom. Understanding where risk mitigation with insurance is necessary. This is why through Disciplined process. And Creative Solutions. Thoughtful advice. We’ll guide you in creating a road map that will help you identify and implement strategies that aligns with achieving your needs and goals for today, tomorrow, onward.

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Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Professionals prepare your plan. Be assured your plan was designed with the knowledge, experience, and expertise that make a difference.


As Fiduciary Advisors, we commit ourselves to a superior standard. We define strategies, not select products. Our advisors are objective, transparent, and ensure we are free of conflicts. You can be assured you come first because we care most about the results we achieve for you.


Our Advisors are here to assure you that we are by your side; each step of the way to help achieve your goals.

Investment Strategies

Building and growing a portfolio is a bona fide way to shore up the future for you and your family. Yet, selecting investments can be intimidating, especially amid capital market changes. You can build and grow your portfolio with confidence through our Generations Model program.

Work with your advisor to select the appropriate risk-based strategy and then let our investment managers take it from there. Our investment team will oversee the selection of your investments; making certain your account stays on track with your selected strategy. You can monitor your portfolio’s performance on-demand through our online and mobile tools. As well always knowing your advisor is available to guide you.

We have something for everyone. Investment options from $2,500 to $1.5M and above. Learn more about your options and risk tolerance choices here.

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Enter the World
of Digital Assets

Let’s Navigate this New Frontier Together

Digital Assets (cryptocurrency) comprises an exciting new asset class that has potentially revolutionary capabilities for commerce on a global scale. Yet, despite the opportunities cryptocurrency presents for both business and investors. It’s still in its infancy and some of the complexities associated with Digital Assets currently make it a highly speculative and volatile asset class. Even so, we believe this is an asset class that is here to stay; as one our clients you should consider that a portion of your investment holdings be diversified towards Digital Assets.

As stewards of our clients’ capital and because of our belief that Digital Assets is an important asset class, we have created our Digital Investment Management Experience (DIME) Program. DIME is a managed offering that enables you to enjoy direct ownership of digital assets. To provide you with this offering, RMR has partnered with BITRIA ( )and Gemini ( and created a series of models designed to give you exposure to both core assets, utilities, and other projects with promising functionality in the digital space.


 Provides the tracking and reporting of digital assets in a user-friendly and familiar format that resembles many popular platforms used for monitoring traditional assets and simplifies your path to the growth and potential of your digital assets.


Digital asset trading and custody platform that enables you to build your portfolio with premier security features.

RMR's Model

Enables you to work with your advisor to access to a variety of model portfolio’s tracking different areas of the Digital Asset space.

Nimble and decisive best describes our strategy for investing in this asset class. While we tend to employ a long-term outlook, favor passive management, lower fees, and a broad diversified allocation in our equity and fixed income models, we see this market very differently and intend to be significantly more active.

We encourage you to strongly consider the growth potential of this asset class being implemented into current portfolio. We highly recommend that you consulate your advisor to determine the appropriate level of exposure to this asset class.

Every Well-thought-out Financial Strategy Includes Insurance

You’ve built a nest egg and are fortifying your portfolio to secure your financial future and to maintain the lifestyle that you want in retirement. But building and growing your money is only part of your financial picture. You need to protect your income and assets, and insurance is the way to do that. Insurance hedges you against the risk of financial losses from unexpected events that can change your life—and provides ways to pay outstanding debts, estate taxes, lost wages, and funeral, care, educational and other expenses. There are many types of insurance, and you may need different products at different times of your life. Our Advisors will help you evaluate your needs to determine which products will work best for you and when you’ll need them.

Term Life – Term life insurance is the most affordable insurance option and offers pure protection for your loved ones at the lowest cost. Term life insurance provides coverage at a fixed payment rate over a predetermined policy period or fixed time period, the policy term, which is typically 10-to-30-years. If you die during the policy term, your beneficiaries receive a death benefit payout.

Variable Life – Variable Life insurance is a permanent insurance product designed to meet certain insurance needs and investment goals. It also facilitates tax planning objectives because of the tax-deferred accumulation of earnings from the investment options—typically mutual funds—offered under the policy. An attractive feature of the variable life insurance product is its flexibility regarding premium payments and cash value accumulation. Premiums are not fixed, and within limits, policyholders may adjust their premium payments to align with their needs and investment goals. The policy pays a specified amount to your beneficiaries upon your death. Because of the investment risks attached to your variable insurance policy it is considered a securities contract and contains separate accounts, comprising various instruments and investment funds.

Universal Life – A universal life insurance policy can be used to build a tax-free inheritance for your loved ones or supplement your retirement income. It’s geared toward high earners who are trying to build a nest egg without moving into a higher income tax bracket. Plus, universal life helps you support your long-term savings goals. The cash value option that's part of a universal life policy may be available for you to withdraw or borrow against in an emergency. Universal life is another form of permanent insurance, and its flexible payment structure allows you to decrease or increase your premiums which can be drawn from the accumulated cash value of the policy. If you keep up with your policy's premiums, universal life pays a death benefit to your beneficiaries.

Disability Income Insurance – Disability income (DI) insurance is designed to replace between 45% and 65% of your gross income on a tax-free basis in the event illness or injury prevents you from earning your usual work income. Although some employer-offered plans and workers' compensation can provide help during a disability, the quality and scope of your work-based coverage may leave you short of the protection you require. DI becomes an important complement to any employer-based plan.

Whole Life – Whole life insurance provides a death benefit throughout your life and contains a savings component in which cash value may accumulate on a tax-advantaged basis. During your lifetime, the cash value may be used for investment, or you may withdraw against it or borrow from it when needed.

Long-term Care – Taking care of yourself as you age can be an expensive proposition. Buying long-term care insurance is one way to prepare for the costs of the many services that aren’t covered by regular health insurance or Medicare or Medicaid. Waiting until you need care to buy coverage isn’t an option because you won’t qualify for a policy if you already have a debilitating condition. 

Long-term care insurance covers the cost of assistance with routine daily activities, like bathing, dressing, or getting in and out of bed as well as the cost of care when you have a chronic medical condition, a disability, or a disorder such as Alzheimer’s disease. Most policies will reimburse you for care in a variety of places that include your home, a nursing home, an assisted living facility, or an adult day care center.