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Investment Management

At RMR, we offer investors an array of managed model portfolios, alternative investments, and separately managed accounts. RMR’s flagship investment program, Generations, is designed to help your portfolio build & grow to meet your goals with a focus on the long-term. Our Investment Committees oversee the selection of our strategies investments, and your account is consistently rebalanced to keep your portfolio on track with your selected strategy. Our firm believes in a diversified mix of investments blended together to meet our client’s unique circumstances. Your advisor will assist you in selecting the appropriate portfolios for your unique circumstances and will review your account with you regularly to discuss the reasoning for our periodic investment changes.

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Generations Wealth Strategy

Diversified Allocation Based Strategies

Generations Core Strategy ($2,500 – $24,999)

Our core strategy uses low-cost, passive index funds to access exposure to the broader markets, while closely tracking benchmark style and sector weights. Core models will tend to have higher allocations to equity.

  • Generations Core Equity Strategy
  • Generations Core Taxable Fixed Income Strategy
  • Generations Core Tax-Exempt Fixed Income Strategy

Generations Wealth Strategy ($25,000+)

Our primary wealth-building strategy employs both passive and active funds. Low-cost index funds are at the heart of this strategy, but active management is used tactically when we believe it necessary. We over and underweight holdings relative to the benchmark in certain styles and sectors based on our determination of opportunities present in the markets.

  • Generations Wealth Equity Strategy
  • Generations Wealth Taxable Fixed Income Strategy
  • Generations Wealth Tax-Exempt Fixed Income Strategy


Capital Preservation
(Target: 0-15% Equity)

(Target: 15-30% Equity)

Conservative Growth
(Target: 30-45% Equity)

(Target: 45-55% Equity)

(Target: 55-65% Equity)

Moderate Growth
(Target: 65-80% Equity)

(Target: 80-95% Equity)

(Target: 95-100% Equity)

Generations Alternative Investments

A variety of non-standard investment options such as Buffered Notes, Non-Traded REITs, Private Equity, and Private Credit are designed to complement our Risk Based strategies with an additional level of diversification and return potential. These strategies generally have liquidity restrictions and are only appropriate for long-term investors with sufficient assets. We believe these investment offerings are a critical component of a well-diversified portfolio and their lack of correlation to public markets can help reduce overall portfolio volatility while not impacting potential returns.

  • Generations Core Alternatives
  • Generations Selected Alternatives - Custom portfolio selected by client’s advisor

Individual Equity Strategies

Generations Tech - These are volatile strategies that are heavily tied to the performance of the technology sector. Thus, the title “Gen Tech”. These are not well-diversified strategies and should generally be a small allocation within a larger, properly diversified portfolio.

Generations Tech 10 Core Strategy ($10,000+) - Supplemental strategy featuring 10 technology stocks that we have high long-term conviction in, with an equal weight of 10% in each position.

Generations Tech 10 Plus Strategy ($10,000+) - Supplemental strategy featuring 10 more speculative, technology stocks that we have high conviction in, with an equal weight of 10% in each position.

Generations Tech 20 Strategy ($20,000+) - The “Gen Tech 20” strategy combines the “Gen Tech 10 Core” and the “Gen Tech 10 Plus” with a 50/50 allocation split. The result is a strategy of 20 technology stocks with a weight of 5% per position.

Generations 50 Portfolio ($50,000+) - A diversified strategy of 50 stocks with a sector allocation that aims to mirror the sector allocation of the S&P 500 but invests in our highest conviction stocks from the S&P 500 in each sector.

Large Cap Portfolio ($500,000+) – A combination of Dividend Growth & Large Cap Growth strategies primarily comprised of domestic equities but does include an allocation to international equity. Dividend Growth holds the bluest of the blue chips and the selections are based on stringent eligibility standards. Large Cap Growth is seeking companies that have built clear, sustainable competitive channels around their businesses, which should help them grow market share within their respective industries over time.

Mid Cap Portfolio ($500,000+) - A focused portfolio of primarily domestic Mid-Cap Growth equities. We employ a bottom-up approach and look at several factors when considering investment into companies, such as new innovative products or services, adaptive or creative management, strong financial and operational capabilities to sustain multi-year growth, stable and consistent revenue, earnings, cash flow, strong balance sheet, market potential, and profit potential.

Approved SMA Managers ($500,000+) – RMR has vetted outside SMAs in both Equity and Fixed Income spaces to add manager diversity for our clients.

Enter the World
of Digital Assets

Let’s Navigate this New Frontier Together

Digital Assets (cryptocurrency) comprises an exciting new asset class that has potentially revolutionary capabilities for commerce on a global scale. Yet, despite the opportunities cryptocurrency presents for both business and investors. It’s still in its infancy and some of the complexities associated with Digital Assets currently make it a highly speculative and volatile asset class. Even so, we believe this is an asset class that is here to stay; as one our clients you should consider that a portion of your investment holdings be diversified towards Digital Assets.

As stewards of our clients’ capital and because of our belief that Digital Assets is an important asset class, we have created our Digital Investment Management Experience (DIME) Program. DIME is a managed offering that enables you to enjoy direct ownership of digital assets. To provide you with this offering, RMR has partnered with BITRIA ( )and Gemini ( and created a series of models designed to give you exposure to both core assets, utilities, and other projects with promising functionality in the digital space.


 Provides the tracking and reporting of digital assets in a user-friendly and familiar format that resembles many popular platforms used for monitoring traditional assets and simplifies your path to the growth and potential of your digital assets


Digital asset trading and custody platform that enables you to build your portfolio with premier security features.

RMR’s Model Series

Enables you to work with your advisor to access to a variety of model portfolio’s tracking different areas of the Digital Asset space

Nimble and decisive best describes our strategy for investing in this asset class. While we tend to employ a long-term outlook, favor passive management, lower fees, and a broad diversified allocation in our equity and fixed income models, we see this market very differently and intend to be significantly more active.

We encourage you to strongly consider the growth potential of this asset class being implemented into current portfolio. We highly recommend that you consulate your advisor to determine the appropriate level of exposure to this asset class.