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Douglas RothCo-Chairman[email protected]201.836.2460
Edward MajtenyiPresident[email protected]480.922.8788
John SimmersPartner[email protected]201.836.2460 x7121
Joseph Russo Jr.Co-Chairman[email protected]201.836.2460
Ryan DeGrau, AIF®, C(k)P®, CFP®Executive Vice President[email protected]201.836.2460 x7138
Joshua MondscheinDirector of Corporate Solutions[email protected]212.924.4057
Matthew LevensDirector of Wealth Management[email protected]212.946.3921
Stuart Simchowitz , AIF®, C(k)P®, PRPDirector of Retirement Services[email protected]201.836.2460 x7125
Tyler Whitehouse, CFP®Director of Financial Planning[email protected]201.836.2460 x7111
Steven SergioDirector of Compliance & Operations[email protected]201.836.2460 x7154
James BarrettVice President - Financial Advisor[email protected]201.836.2460 x7113
Christopher McCoyRegistered Representative[email protected]201.836.2460 x7119
Herb Nearly, Jr.Financial Advisor[email protected]661.303.0241
James KompanyFinancial Advisor[email protected]908.380.2616
Jared Weber, ChFC®Financial Advisor[email protected]203.557.5524
Jennifer AimoneFinancial Advisor[email protected]201.836.2460 x7115
Michael Brennan, CFP®Financial Advisor[email protected]732.332.0040 x13
Paul PuleoFinancial Advisor[email protected]561.445.4208
Robert PacchiarottiRegistered Representative[email protected]352.556.4834
Sherman EaganRegistered Representative[email protected]203.952.9251
Stephan CollaroFinancial Advisor[email protected]201.836.2460 x7123
Aster Getahun, CPAAccountant[email protected]732.321.0010 x4
Gerard Viola, CPAAccountant[email protected]973.857.8966
Jodi Ehrlich, CPAAccountant[email protected]480.671.8214 x203
Michael Reedy, CPAFinancial Advisor/Accountant[email protected]813.654.2995
Nicole HuertaAccountant[email protected]480.671.8214
Robert Russo, CPA, CFP®Accountant[email protected]848.235.5405
Sidney FinkelsteinAccountant[email protected]732.321.0010 x10
James M. Sosinski, CPAAccountant[email protected]848.235.5405
Alyssa CortelyouOperations Manager[email protected]201.836.2460 x7122
Dominic AcetoAdvisory Admin[email protected]201.836.2460 x7112
Gabriela AcostaInsurance & Licensing Specialist[email protected]201.836.2460 x7103
Geraldine HabelAdministrative Assistant[email protected]732.332.0040
Kristin HabelAdministrative Assistant[email protected]732.332.0040
Michael LuisTrading & Reporting Specialist[email protected]201.836.2460 x7155
Pamela PemberthyOffice Coordinator[email protected]201.836.2460 x7100
Shahad MansourOperations Specialist[email protected]201.836.2460 x7118
Sharon TraynorManager, Benefit Services[email protected]212.924.4260 x204
Sierra EggeAdministrative Assistant[email protected]480.922.8788 x7202
Stephen KlapkaNon-Registered Admin[email protected]352.556.4834
Ryan GoudieRetirement Plan Specialist[email protected]201.836.2460 x7123
Marc GuidoInsurance & Licensing Specialist[email protected]201.836.2460 x7128


Stuart R. Miller (1936-2013)

Stuart served tirelessly as the President of RMR Wealth for 26 years. He was an exceptional leader, mentor and friend to the members of our team. Stuart was the patriarch of the RMR family and was respected for his exceptional talent and skill, as well as for his kind and compassionate demeanor. Stuart maintained long-term relationships with his clients to help them achieve their objectives. During his illustrious career, he worked with fiduciaries of endowments, not-for-profit organizations, and private trusts to establish clear and concise goals for investment and spending policies. Once goals were established, he constructed an Investment Policy Statement together with the Fiduciary to optimize the investment mix to enable the organization to achieve its goals. Stuart’s diligent ongoing monitoring of the Investment Policy Statement and evaluation of Money Managers was crucial to the success of his efficient Money Management process. Stuart was a member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA), a charter member of the National Association of Renaissance Advisors as well as a Renaissance Inc. Advisor. He held a Masters Degree from New York University and a Bachelors degree from Clark University.