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Investment Due Diligence

Pre-Investment Due Diligence
From Angel investors to the many other types of clients we help, RMR strives always to find a way to provide our corporate, and personal financial services clients with a well thought out menu of investments designed for financial due diligence to provide an easier and more direct path to better participant outcomes.

Pre-Investment Due Diligence Process

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Pre-Investment Due Diligence Scorecard 

  • Propietary institutional scoring system
  • Identifies skillful managers with a repeatable process
  • Powerful & compelling data (an MRI vis-à-vis an x-ray) analysis
  • The Investment Score ranking evaluates investments on a scale of 0 to 10 in core asset classes, including asset allocation investments, QDIA’s, TDF’s and managed accounts

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Investment Performance Scores

  • Our Fiduciary Review includes recommendations for fund additions, deletions and replacements
  • Contains a variety of advanced report features
    • Market Review
    • Scorecard
    • Score History
    • Mapping Strategies
    • Asset Class Comparison
    • Fund Face Sheets

2015 Back Study


Back Study Graph

OBJECTIVE - to support the Scorecard System as a process to select skillful money managers and to support the finding that past performance is not indicative of future returns.


Evaluation Period Graph

The two year evaluation period was a short horizon and active managers were out performed by the index. However, the value of going beyond returns was evident in this Back Study.

Independent Investment Due Diligence

Clients rely on our investment review process to:

  • Comply with DOL Best Practices
  • Be Prudent and Process Driven with full transparent documentation
  • Help Foster Better Participant Outcomes

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