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Wise Decisions Require Wise Advice: Life's Important Financial Steps and Good Financial Questions

Wise Decisions Require Wise Advice: Life's Important Financial Steps and Good Financial Questions

| July 18, 2018

In an increasingly complex financial environment, several basic financial challenges are constants. These include planning and paying for college, purchasing a home, and planning for retirement.

While the average American can expect to earn at least $1.4 million dollars in their lifetime (or more than $1.8 million as a college graduate), wise planning for those big financial decisions will determine if you get to enjoy those earnings or seem to always be in a financial crisis.


The simple fact is that proactive planning is the single most important aspect of achieving financial security. That is a reality because proper planning puts time on your side, and ensures the years work for you, rather than against your financial future.

When you choose to work with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional you will quickly learn the important financial questions to ask, as well as the important answers. The Advisors you will find at RMR Wealth Builders Inc. focus on your personal situation, goals, and expectations while providing custom Financial Planning.

Most importantly, those Advisors with the CFP® certification have invested the time and effort to have the knowledge and insights to address all aspects of your Financial Plan. For example, consider these big financial decisions:

  • COLLEGE. The cost of many college degrees today can create more debt than the mortgage on a small starter home. The right Advisor will ensure you deal with the challenges of financing a higher education from both the planning and debt-retirement perspective.

Instead of waiting for the high school years, parents who work with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional at RMR start providing for college costs in the elementary years – or even earlier. This allows savings to compound over numerous years, and often doing so in a tax-advantaged manner.

Likewise, using effective methods to eliminate student loans is a challenge that a qualified Advisor will help you tackle. Whether refinancing or taking advantage of special programs, you don’t have to carry this burden alone when you work with the right Advisor.

  • HOME PURCHASE OR REAL ESTATE. Owning a home is not only a part of the American dream, it is often the cornerstone of building long-term financial security. However, there are many intricacies involved with purchasing, financing, and maintaining a home. Knowing and asking the right questions can translate into tens of thousands of dollars or more in savings. For example, just the tax issues related to home ownership and investment real estate often determine whether the investment is a winner or a financial drag, Your Advisor will help you determine just how those many issues impact your total financial picture.

  • RETIREMENT. You might ask, “How can I earn $1.8 million in my life and still have to worry about retirement?” The answer is really quite simple: Failing to plan. Although the numbers seem large, there are many ongoing demands on your income, and it is only with a well-designed Financial Plan that you will successfully manage those demands.

The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional you will work with at RMR has the training, knowledge and insights to balance all those competing demands while integrating the complexities of Portfolio Management, Tax and Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, and your unique needs into a workable Financial Plan that is regularly updated and effectively managed.

Takeaways to Increase Your Financial Security

While the issue of finances is intimidating to many, a carefully-selected Advisor will help you understand these realities:

  • If you take time to plan your financial future, time will help take care of your plan.
  • The financial challenges of college, real estate, and retirement are best handled early and with a well-designed Financial Plan.
  • Regardless of your income level, the truly important step in gaining financial security is proactive planning.

Do you have questions about your investment portfolio, college debt or real estate ownership? Are you at peace about the security you will have in retirement? Call us today at RMR and we will not only answer these questions – we’ll explain many other important questions to which you need the right answers.