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Tyler F. Whitehouse, CFP® is now a Registered Player Financial Advisor with the NFLPA

| February 06, 2023

RMR Wealth Builders Inc. is pleased to announce that our Director of Financial Planning, Tyler F. Whitehouse, CFP®, has been formally recognized by the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) as a Registered Player Financial Advisor.

The NFLPA Financial Advisors Registration Program, the first of its kind in professional sports, was formed to provide NFL players access to a diverse group of financial advisors who have gone through a thorough review and qualification process by the NFLPA. The league's players association created it to give the players an additional layer of protection - not just from poor financial advice but also from fraud. The principal intent of the Program is to benefit the players themselves by providing them access to a group of financial advisors that have met specific eligibility criteria.

Since its inception, the Program has continued to improve – expanding players' choices and strengthening its regulations and requirements. These improvements significantly reduced the number of advisors in the Program from 550 in 2001 to a network of 150 selected advisors as of 2020. 

Like anyone soon to retire, professional athletes have a certain amount of time to work and make money before they begin living off their nest egg. They need to find the right advisor and can’t just trust anyone with their money. Tyler is proud to be a part of this organization and is excited about the opportunity to help players plan their financial future through RMR’s practices and programs.

As a registered NFLPA Financial Advisor, you not only meet but exceed the appropriate professional qualifications to be eligible to participate in the Program. Below is a listing of the requirements as outlined by the NFLPA:

  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited university
  • Minimum of eight (8) years of licensed experience
  • A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) and/or a Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA).
  • Fidelity bonding and professional liability insurance coverage
  • No civil, criminal, or regulatory history related to fraud.
  • No pending customer complaints or litigation at the time of application.
  • Successfully undergo a rigorous due diligence background investigation.
  • Must not maintain custody of player funds unless deemed a qualified custodian.

RMR's objective is to remove financial distractions and enable players to concentrate on their professional career. We focus on various personalized strategies in developing and maintaining a well-thought-out plan for Professional Athletes. We have access to the broadest range of financial products to help them accomplish their goals. RMR wants players to be financially secure when their playing days are over and be able to do whatever they wish with the rest of their life.