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RMR Wealth Builders, Inc. Appoints Ryan DeGrau as Chief Executive Officer.

| February 21, 2023

RMR Wealth Builders, Inc. (“RMR”) officially announces that Ryan DeGrau has been named as its Chief Executive Officer effective January 2023. Ryan has been the acting Executive Vice President for the firm since 2017 and continues to be the engine that drives RMR forward. Ryan’s appointment to CEO continues RMR’s tradition of growing from within and is a great example of our commitment to the members of our organization and their development. Hired in 2007, Ryan assumed the role of Executive Vice President in 2017 at the time he became a partner in 2017.  Through his leadership, RMR has grown into a diversified financial services company and a full service Registered Investment Adviser serving over 2000 households and over 150 companies. 

“I am incredibly humbled and excited to assume this new role and look forward to driving the company's journey and the story it will craft far into the future,” said DeGrau. “Our ability to champion our novel and purpose through the organization and ultimately to our network of strategic partners, prospects, and clients will define how we develop as an organization.” 

“I know I speak for everyone at RMR in thanking Ryan for his leadership and tireless dedication to the company,” said Joseph Russo, Co-Chairman at RMR.  “Ryan does this better than anyone. Ryan is the prime example of a leader that demonstrates the values we pride ourselves on: Disciplined, Creative, and Thoughtful.”

About RMR

RMR Wealth Builders, Inc. was founded in 1986 with you in mind. For over three decades we have followed a disciplined process and sought to develop long-term relationships with the people we serve with our wealth management offices. We are dedicated to our principles and focused on providing thoughtful and objective advice. Our clients rely on us to advise them on their financial future and we take that responsibility seriously. We make every effort to develop, nurture, and protect our partnership with you.