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Financial Wellness Month - Budgeting Tools

| January 17, 2023

Last week we released an article, "7 TIPS FOR AN EFFECTIVE FINANCIAL CHECK-IN," to discuss this month's topic of Financial Wellness. Continuing this topic, we wanted to go a little deeper into budgeting and creating tools to lay a better blueprint for your financial wellness in this new year.


A budget is a tool designed to track where your money goes. It is critical to understand how to reach goals. Using a budget, you can determine how income and assets cover current expenses or fund a future goal. A budget provides insight into spending patterns that may show wasteful or misallocated spending that will hinder your progress toward meeting a goal. Accurate cash flow planning requires a realistic budget.

To help you along the way, we have created a few useful tools and resources for your budgeting.

Tools and Resources: Click on each one to download.

  1. RMR Budgeting Tool
  2. Goal Exercise
  3. Monthly Budget