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CityWire RIA Recognizes RMR’s Accelerated Growth

| August 29, 2023

RMR Wealth Builders is proud to share that we have been recognized as one of the fastest-growing RIAs in the state of New Jersey by CityWire RIA's annual report, "50 Growers Across America".

“RMR’s growth has accelerated over the last few years. We appreciate being recognized for it and hope it is the beginning chapter of our growth story.” said Ryan DeGrau, CEO at RMR Wealth Builders. “Although we have been in business since 1986, we are at a phase now where the firm has set a course forward that will be more dynamic and will fuel our growth for years to come.”

Over the last 24 months, RMR has been busy. We have ended our Broker/Dealer affiliation to move to a true independent RIA structure, better aligning our structure to match our culture & services. We also have physically grown, expanding our office in Scottsdale, AZ, and our headquarters in Montclair, NJ, while continuing to welcome more staff members and independent advisors to the team.

In January of 2023, the board appointed Ryan DeGrau as the first CEO in our firm’s history. “I am incredibly humbled and excited to assume this new role and look forward to driving the company's journey and the story it will craft far into the future,” said Ryan DeGrau in January.

Being recognized as one of the fastest-growing RIAs in the state of New Jersey is now part of our story. Our growth would not have been possible without the contributions of each team member, advisor, client, and strategic partner. Growth is a mindset shared by our entire team as we continue building our firm to support our clients and the communities we serve.

The “50 Growers Across America” is an annual report put together by CityWire with the intention of recognizing “planning-centric RIAs that are making the most headway in their own markets.” RMR has a broad client base, comprised of individual and corporate clients, throughout the country. We are proud to call New Jersey our headquarters and to stand among the fastest-growing RIA firms in New Jersey.

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The CityWire RIA 50 Growers Across America ranking is an independent listing of RIA firms produced annually. It is based on publicly available reported numbers compiled by Discovery Data. Data compiled screens firms that offer financial planning as one of their core services, and reviews performance in 2022 across three categories: percentage growth in AUM, monetary growth in AUM, and percentage growth in employees. RMR, its employees, or its affiliates did not pay a fee to be included in citywire to be included in in the 50 Growers Across America ranking.

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