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For Law Enforcement & Public Employees

Program Mission

To provide wealth management and financial planning services specifically tailored to police officers, police unions, fraternal organizations and members of civil service in a professional, ethical and philanthropic manner.

Program Overview

RMR Wealth Builders, Inc.’s The Law Enforcement and Public Employee Financial Education Program provides educational programs and services to members of law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and fraternal organizations. Currently our program is active throughout New York, New Jersey, and Florida.

Our program was co-founded and inspired by a retired NYPD officer and union delegate who has been financially educating members of civil service since 2002 and includes several retired and active police officers, union representatives, and military personnel from various law enforcement agencies and branches of the United States Armed Forces. 

Our team of financial advisors within program at RMR Wealth Builders are knowledgeable regarding all areas of wealth management and financial planning, particularly in working with specific pension systems and retirement plans of civil service and law enforcement professionals.  Our professionals have conducted financial education seminars to law enforcement agencies and unions across the country for close to twenty years.

Who do we serve?

  • Law Enforcement
    • New York Police Department (NYPD)– DEA Union
    • New York Police Department (NYPD)– PBA Union
    • New Jersey Police – PBA Union
    • Florida Police – FOP Union
  • Fire Department
    • Fire Department New York (FDNY) Union
    • New Jersey Fire - FMBA Union
  • Fraternal Organizations
    • NYPD Honor Legion
    • NYPD Emerald Society
    • NYPD Hispanic Society
    • NYPD Holy Name Society of Brooklyn & Queens
    • NYPD Holy Name Society of Staten Island, Manhattan and Bronx
    • NYPD Saint Paul’s Society
    • New York State Fraternal Order of Police

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