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Transition Support: We Understand. We've Been There

We went through a transition period ourselves, so we understand what advisors who want to transition go through. Let’s put our cards on the table: Transitioning is not going to be asymptomatic. It’s an ordeal to pick up your business and move. It’s a huge commitment of time, energy, and resources. We know that. We have lived it. We also know that some firms will promise advisors anything and everything they want to hear:

“No, there aren’t any difficulties. It’s going to be seamless and problem-free.”

It’s just not like that. If a firm is honest in making known that there will be challenges, and how it will troubleshoot as the problems arise, we believe that makes for a better transition instead of “pretending” there will not be any problems. This is part of our culture of honesty. 

We say this because this is what we have experienced ourselves:

  • Advisors will have challenges and we know when they are likely to appear
  • We know how to help with those challenges when, and if, they occur
  • We can work with their clients and with their custodial firms

In our opinion, there is no such thing as a seamless transition, but there is such a thing as a transition that can be managed properly or managed efficiently to make it the best possible transition that it can be.