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Our Extended Family

We include among our valued clients, individuals, families, financial advisors, charities, foundations, pension plans, and businesses that have searched for (and found) a firm that embodies their own personal and professional principles. We aspire to have them be a part of our family, knowing that we can help them with 401(k) plans, Taft-Hartley, 403(b) plans, tax and estate plans, investment policy statements, ERISA guidelines, and so much more.


We always enjoy meeting the client’s entire family: parents, the adult children, the kids, grandkids. We learn a lot. For example, affluent individuals who have trusts and tax issues to address, many times ask for our help in educating the younger generation that may need help investing in their own foundation. We provide educational workshops on different topics. We show them the real world. When we work with our families (multi-generational clients) the communication is so enjoyable with conversations focusing on where the kids attend school and how well are they doing. We are genuinely interested in the family’s activities, personal and professional. Are they involved in volunteer work, are sports a part of their life, or art, fine dining, traveling and other interests? In order to truly get to know the client, personal discussions are what bonds people together. The saying, “Business is first a meeting of the hearts and then a meeting of the minds” is something we always remember. (For more information about the clientele we enjoy working with, please see The Clients We Serve.)