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Culture of Success

At RMR, we have a saying that is integral to our holistic way of doing business. It is: What is Personal is Professional, and What is Professional is Personal. What that means is we believe that a holistic integration of an individual’s personal and professional life goes way beyond a typical client experience. This emphasizes our dedication to building a culture of success and our efforts to differentiate ourselves from our competition. Involving oneself personally and then integrating the professional aspect will elevate the relationship to a higher level. We are 100% committed to that integration…it is ingrained in the DNA of our firm. We definitely believe that any firm or advisor not interested in exploring this relationship with a client is marching down the wrong path.

At RMR we take it to a different level: we make it personal.


We realize that building a culture of success is not something attained in one day. But it is something that we practice every single day; it governs all of our actions and interactions. Through experience with clients and advisors, in personal as well as professionals relationships, we will not compromise our culture. If you believe in who you are and what you do, and want to continue being successful, you cannot compromise your culture, your principles, or cut a corner to get there faster because you may get there, but you won’t stay there.

And in continuing to develop that culture of success, as leaders we have an obligation to help mentor our clients as well as our financial advisors. It is our absolute responsibility to be the leaders they need for guidance and to be immersed and integrated in that culture. We help, encourage and support our team and our advisors. We are involved from day one with every member of our “family.” We expect anyone who associates with our group to be respectful and responsible, and we will be respectful and responsible in return, cultivating that relationship, professionally and personally.