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Art of Possibility: Recruiting, Mentoring, Leadership

Within the firm, beats a vital life force of compassion, kindness, generosity and strength — the heart of RMR Wealth Builders. Why do we say this? Because we strongly believe in the art of possibility and it has been this unwavering belief that prompted us to move away from a bureaucratic, corporate environment that matched neither our thinking nor our culture. We want to recruit like-minded advisors who are interested in “making the journey” with clients, and not simply interested in selling them a product. We want to help them build their business the correct way because we believe they will be out of business if they only concentrate on selling products for a big commission. We want to mentor, coach, and lead advisors who truly care about their clients, and who need an environment in which they can thrive.

So, as a financial advisor, where do you envision spending your future?