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Access to Innovative Technology

We are confident that our technology is specifically positioned to help advance this industry. For example, we have technology that uses electronic signatures and emails as opposed to hard copies and the tons of paperwork most advisors are accustomed to seeing with transitions.

We provide programs and platforms that offer efficiencies, practice management capabilities, reporting, modeling, and much more. For example, we utilize Envestnet for our advisory platform and Fidelity/NFS Streetscape for our brokerage platform.

As an investor, how much do you need to live a comfortable life, now, as well as in retirement? This question may evade those who are running the race of wealth accumulation, mainly focusing on reaching that sometimes elusive finish line. You see, many people don’t have a roadmap to the finish line and so they either get lost, or they can’t stop “running” while they try to find it. Their advisor has never outlined the steps along the way, the obstacles along the race, or how long it might take to get to the finish line. Have you ever thought about the value of having “financial finish lines” for your objectives in life?

A firm like RMR will strive to help you live your dreams and give you a process and a plan which may assist you in reaching your personal and your professional finish line.