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Efficient, Cost Effective, and Geared To Position You Well in the Market.

Sometimes You Just Can’t Go it Alone

The goal is to provide benefit and retirement plans that will provide optimal value to your employees and your company while abiding compliance requirements. Tackling that on your own can be tough. We’re here to support you from comparing plans to negotiating with vendors. Even enrolling employee, all while making sure you stay competitive with the market.

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How We’re Here to Support You…

Benchmarking & Analysis

Establish your plan’s foundational design. We can assist you with comparing plan formulas, features, and benefits.

Vendor Negotiation

Ensure that your expenses are always reasonable and necessary towards your goal. We continuously interact with plan vendors, and advocate for you.

Enrollment Support

Advocate to make sure your employees get the maximized value out of their benefits. We help your employees understand the value and tax impact of their benefit decisions.

Ongoing Analysis

Future-proofing your plan design to evolve as your company evolves and demographics change. We provide regular and ongoing review of both your benefits program and the law.

Retirement Plans That Align With Your Corporate Culture & Demographics

Whether you want to review an existing plan or develop a new one. Our experienced Advisor team can help ensure a creative solution to enhance, design, or install a plan; as well as manage it. All the while, we’ll educate and guide your employees to make sound investment decisions.

Building a secure financial future is an essential goal for your employees. When you provide them with a fitting retirement plan, you enable them move ever closer to achieving their financial goals and lifetime dreams. When the plan is made user friendly and managed effectively, you better position yourself to retaining the talent that will help your company thrive.

Benefits Are Not One-size Fits All

The benefits you offer are essential in making the difference in your ability to attract talent. We can help you develop a robust benefits package that positions you competitively in the marketplace and keeps you compliant with federal, state, and local rules and regulations. What’s more, we’ll help you achieve these objectives at affordable rates that accommodate your budget.

Our experienced team of Benefit Advisors will assist you in clarifying your intentions, defining your goals, and identifying a strategy. They’ll craft a solution that ensures you achieve the best in subscriber experience, expense management, and plan performance. By choosing vendors, products, and services that are not only just right for your people but also align you.


We conduct a detailed interview to ensure we gather all the necessary data about your organization and the vision you have. We will identify your needs to ensure you stay competitive and retain talent.


While we provide standard benefit plan options, we also offer more creative products that allow employers to customize their offerings, control costs, and efficiently manage their deployment.


Our mission is to provide your organization with thoughtful guidance with a focus on helping you efficiently use your resources and retain your talent.

A World of Support Right at Your Fingertips

Remaining competitive and serve your employees, is even easier when you embrace technologies that will help you minimize administrative responsibilities. Automating business processes and replacing manual, paper systems that are becoming obsolete. We’ll help you establish relationships with vendors who provide the Human Capital Management (HCM) services you need to attract and retain top talent. As you outsource key finance and human resource functions, you will gain a competitive edge in the marketplace, positioning your company to scale.

Administration & Governance That’s Effective and Efficient

HCM gives you the capability to more effectively and efficiently provide enrollment and administrative support in the delivery of your benefit services. We will introduce you to our robust selection of technology solutions and take a creative approach to find the platform that will work best for your organization—one we will customize to control costs, accommodate your demographic needs, and meet your statutory reporting responsibilities. RMR can also assist you in weighing the ASO and PEO approaches and provide you with the thoughtful guidance to efficiently use your resources to recruit and retain talent.


ASO is a co-administration relationship enabling you to use a combined integrated service providers and an outsourced team of specialists to deliver payroll, benefits administration, decision making support, and other HR functions.


PEO is a co-employment relationship in which the PEO becomes the employer of record for tax purposes. Your company continues to direct an employee’s day-to-day activities while your employees access the PEO benefit plan options and are supported by the PEO human resources.

Important Functions...
We Can Help You Zero In.


Automate your recruitment-to-onboarding process and allow new hires to electronically enter necessary personal and payroll related data as well as review and acknowledge employer required documents.


Manage benefits across multiple employers in control or affiliated service groups. Systems can help to classify employee groups and track multiple eligibility profiles.


Employ systems to eliminate paper and efficiently collect, store, and move data between your payroll system and your plan vendors for all benefit transactions.


Provide employees access to tools and resources that empower them to make appropriate choices and give them ongoing access to the information they need to make the most of their options.


Use systems to track employees hire dates, hours, and qualifications to enroll in benefits. Manage communications electronically to ensure compliance with applicable laws.


Access your data with standard and customizable reporting tools to generate the internal reports you require or to meet statutory reporting requirements.

Wellness & Engagement

Exposing employees to the financial literacy is essential step to getting their financial lives on track and shore up their personal balance sheet. Eliminating employee worry over their financial health. Financial wellness programs have become an important vehicle to bolstering employee confidence in their financial management and we believe our financial literacy training will help employees to make better financial decisions. We aim to provide personalized attention to each employee—show them better practices for financial decision making. Help them gain knowledge about financial products and encourage them to participate in programs that align with their needs. Consistency is the most important element to a successful program. Continuously exposing employees to wellness activities and learning opportunities creates a culture in which employees pay attention to their financial health—one in which they feel valued, fulfilled, and productive. Let our team of educators help your employees be at their best.

Help Your Employees Create A Financial Plan to Help Achieve Their Financial Freedom

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